Build Up Coaching

The Build Up Coaching Package, which is our most comprehensive franchise tool, is designed for franchisors who want to expand rapidly, while maintaining the quality and consistency that brought them success in the first place. The franchise coaching package can help you reach the next level quickly.

The Build Up Coaching package includes:

  • 20 hours of consultation per month (120 hours total)
  • 2 site visits
  • Customized manuals to match your operations
  • Customized training tools for your franchisees
  • Action Plan

    Price: varies by the project, please call (303) 284-2515
    Duration: Coaching designed to be completed within 6 months

The Build Up Coaching Package is right for you if:

  • your corporate strategy includes rapid expansion in the next five years
  • you want to increase the efficiencies and profitability of your franchise by customizing your operations manual and training systems
  • you place a high value on educating and training your franchisees
  • you plan to integrate your training manual and operations manual in a dynamic way
  • you prefer to switch to an on-line operations manual and don’t want to spend a fortune
  • you’ve been looking into moving your operations manual and training to a company Intranet and would like assistance with this transition
  • you want a systematic approach to capturing and implementing best practices across your entire franchise operation
  • your franchise is at least five years old, and you want to eliminate the “growing pains”
  • you’d like to work with an experienced professional who can help develop systems, manuals, and documentation
  • you prefer “hands-on” assistance and want direct, ongoing access to a professional franchise consultant 

For more information on the Build Up Coaching Package or to begin today, please call (303) 284-2515, or e-mail

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